A Look at Popular Diets and Weight Loss

Recently at a conference held at the University of Phoenix, people hungry for weight loss advice sought out answers to their questions regarding the popular South Beach Diet.

The South Beach Diet hit high levels of fame with the introduction of a book bearing the same name that was published back in the early 2000’s by a Dr. Arthur Agatston, a prominent cardiologist who, through this diet, emphasizes the importance of moderate carbohydrate and maximum protein intake. Similar to the equally popular “Atkins” diet, the South Beach Diet promotes abstinence from refined white sugars as well as flour claiming that they are a major culprit in what is contributing to the ever increasing obesity factor in America.

The diet strictly limits the intake of carbohydrates like potatoes and of course bread for the beginning two weeks while allowing such foods as red meat, cheese, and eggs. Although the Atkins diet does not seem to distinguish between saturated and unsaturated fats as long as they are not starchy forms of food, the South Beach Diet focuses more in the unsaturated fats that are found in natural foods such as nuts, vegetable oils, and fish and recommends cutting out saturated fats such as butter and fried foods.

However, the main difference between that of the Atkins diet and the South Beach approach is that the South Beach Diet allows for an individual to consume carbohydrates as long as they are high in fiber. High fiber complex carbohydrates are often found in whole grains such as brown and wild rice. The Atkins diet puts people into ketosis, a condition in which the body converts stores of fat into energy because it has been deprived of sufficient carbohydrates. While ketosis is not dangerous for healthy people, Dr. Agatston said, he did not want his diet to induce it because the patients he designed it for had hypertension. While many people subscribe to the idea that carbohydrates are bad due to the emergence of these two diets, the bottom line in any method of weight loss is to burn more calories than you take in without lowering your caloric intake so drastically that your metabolism chooses to slow down.

The proper foods that are required in order to achieve weight loss consist of low calorie, high fiber, low in fat foods and a balance of complex carbohydrates as well as proteins. Essentially, you will be able to lose weight on just about any popular diet out their as they all aim to restrict your calorie intake in one way or another. As long as you adhere to the program in which you choose, you will eventually see results. Losing weight is not just a decision that affects your life for a few months. In order to maintain your weight loss, proper eating habits need to be incorporated to your lifestyle each and every day. Once you find a program that works for you, stick with the fundamentals of the method every day of your life. Does this mean you cannot indulge sometimes? Of course not. However saving these occasions for designated celebrations and holidays throughout the year would be a more reasonable option. Weight loss and maintenance is a lifestyle change. Not a quick fix.

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